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This Brass Buddha Idol is depicted in the Dhyana Mudra, a gesture of meditation and contemplation commonly used in the Mahayana tradition of Buddhism. This hand gesture symbolizes the union and enlightenment of masculine and feminine in mind, body, and spirit, with the right hand placed on top of the left, palms facing up and thumbs lightly touching. It is typically depicted with the hands resting in the lap or at the heart center.

This Brass Buddha Idol is the perfect gift for your loved ones, as it symbolizes both travel and enlightenment. It is said to represent the Buddha in his final moments on earth, when he is preparing to make the journey to Parinirvana.

For best placement, it is recommended to place the reclining Buddha towards the right, facing the west in the meditation area of your home. Place it on a clean table or shelf to symbolize your inner beliefs and state of mind. People will be able to witness the serene statue, feel at ease, and recognize you as a peaceful person.

Brass Sleeping Buddha (9")

  • Brass

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