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Lord Ganesh is revered as the remover of obstacles and the one who paves the way for progress in life. His large elephant head symbolizes wisdom, understanding, and a discerning intellect, all of which are essential for achieving perfection in life. He is the son of Shiva and Parvati, and the consort of Riddhi and Siddhi. Worshipping him is said to grant wisdom, intellect, and prosperity. This beautiful brass Ganesh idol, crafted with mosaic tile work and synthetic colour stones, is an admirable piece for your home, pooja room, or even as a gift for someone special. Its elegant detailing and the skillful carving of the artisan make it a stunning addition to any home. It is sure to be a cherished brass gift for your loved ones.

Brass Turquoise Ganesha (7")

Excluding Taxes
  • Brass

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