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Brand Story

Brand Deshaj is an initiative of West Bengal Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes Development & Finance Corporation and facilitated by AIM-Art Illuminates Mankind; a social welfare organisation for artisans in India has a network of almost 50,000 artisans all over India, working with various art and craft forms. This wide experience and learning about Indian art and craft has led to the development of brand Deshaj, which is a visionary project to generate livelihood, self-sustainability and financial growth for the rural artisans of India. The aim is also to revive and capitalise the diversified richness of Indian art, craft and cultural heritage.


Every month, specially designed training programmes are organised in collaboration with expert trainers and designers so as to develop more and more skilled artisans who eventually become part of the Deshaj family, creating a livelihood for herself and her family. This initiative inspires women of various villages to come forward and prove their ability on grounds of gender equality and social bonding. Also, every Deshaj product that sells, a part of its revenue goes for the development of the ‘I Love My Tribe’ project; an initiative to support the Backward Classes of India.

Privacy & Safety

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Wholesale Inquiries

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Payment Methods

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Payment Methods
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